Menuhin Competition Trustee


James has been appointed Trustee to the Menuhin Competition, a UK charity that is named for violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin. In a press statement┬áconfirming the news, he said “Yehudi Menuhin was the original prodigy. As a violinist, conductor, and humanist, who during and after the Second World War worked towards reconciliation, his music brought the world together. I am deeply humbled to be appointed a Trustee to the Menuhin Competition. For decades, it has served as the premier platform for the finest young violinists, and in so doing has given the world first notice of some of the greatest musical talents. In 2016, the Competition will return to London to celebrate Lord Menuhin’s centennial, and I am thrilled that we will be hosted by the Royal Academy of Music, where I studied. My great thanks to the Competition, my fellow Trustees, and the next generation of violinists – whose magic never fails to ignite the imagination.”